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Hello Walkabout California Community

I'm hoping to spend around 5 days hiking on the coast this October (the middle 2 weeks of the month). I've done the SF to Half Moon Bay walk already last spring and loved it! I'm just wondering what other hikers would recommend for an October walk. I could link up a couple of walks (even if I need transport in between) to make it longer if most of the hikes are closer to 3 days long. 

Thanks in advance!

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October can be one of the best times for a coast hike.  The Marin Coast hike is a 4 day, 41 mile Walkabout from the Marin Headlands to Point Reyes National Seashore.  It ends in Olema, and you could spend your fifth day exploring Pt. Reyes, or you could spend an extra day in any one of the coastal villages along the way. 

The final chapter of Walkabout Northern California: Hiking Inn-to-Inn is Circumtambulation: A Pilgrimage Around Mount Tamalpais.  It is an amazing 56 mile, 5 day hike around Mt. Tam.

Are you interested in hiking the Southern California Coast?  Check out Walkabout Malibu to Mexico: Hiking Inn-to-Inn on the Southern California Coast.  Any one of those hikes would be beautiful in October.


Thanks for your response, Tom! I would love your personal opinion about whether we should choose a southern or northern California coast hike for October. We have some flexibility and would hike between 5-14 days, depending on how our plans shape up. We would be starting around Oct 10-22. What do you recommend? I have the Malibu o Mexico book. Just not sure if October weather is better for north or south coast. Thanks!


There is a very good chance that the weather in mid-October will be great both in northern and southern California.  It is hard to think of a better time to hike the Southern California Coast.  The days should be balmy and ocean temps in the high 60s - low 70s.  It would be blissful to start out with a few days on Santa Catalina, take the ferry to Long Beach and hike south for 6-7 days to San Clemente.  Or to start in Oceanside and hike 7-8 days to the Mexico border. 

The Northern California Coast would also be great.  You have hiked the SF to Half Moon Bay route.  The Marin Coast walkabout is more wild and rugged - high coastal bluff, forests, hiking the flank of Mt. Tam, and fun coastal villages.  After exploring Pt. Reyes, you could drive up and spend a few days hiking the Mendocino Coast. 



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