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Hey guys,


Im really interested in doing the Sierra trail from the site with a couple friends.

Does anyone know where I can park for this? And also, how I can get back to my car once I get to the end of the trail?


Thanks for the help

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The high country is finally opening up as this year's record snow pack melts away.  The "Crossing the Sierra on the Emigrant Trail" walkabout is a fantastic 42 mile - three day journey from the dry east side of the Sierra to the west side. 

It starts at Grover Hot Springs State Park near Markleeville.  There is a parking area near the entrance to the campground.

The book Walkaout Northern California - Hiking Inn to Inn and the new Walkabout digital guides have transportation information that includes driving directions to the trailhead and the way to get to the trailhead and return to your car at the end of the hike by public and private transportation.

Here is the transportation section from the Emigrant Trail Walkabout.



Driving Directions with Two Cars

Leave one car at your final destination, Kit Carson Lodge at Silver Lake, and drive the second car to Grover Hot Springs. The drive to Markleeville is 35 miles. Turn right on Hot Springs Road, and continue for another 4 miles. There is a parking area just outside the entrance to the state park campground. While driving from Silver Lake, don’t forget to stop at the Caples Lake Resort to drop off food for your stay. Caples Lake Resort has a very small store but no restaurant.


Driving Directions with One Car

With one car there are two options for returning to Grover Hot Springs from Kit Carson Lodge at Silver Lake. Ask your innkeeper if they can arrange for transportation. We have found that people go out of their way to assist inn-to-inn hikers. A second option is a taxi. All these taxi services are centered in South Lake Tahoe. Quotes on fares from Silver Lake to Grover Hot Springs ranged from $75 to $180.

                        Elite Taxi                                530-580-8294

                        AAA Lake Tahoe Taxi           530-577-7000

                        Lake Tahoe Sunshine Taxi      530-544-5555

Don’t forget to drop off a supply of food at Caples Lake Resort. It has only a very small store and no restaurant.


A Car-Free Option

There is no bus service along this walkabout, but public transportation to South Lake Tahoe is available through Amtrak. Take the train to Sacramento and an Amtrak bus to South Lake Tahoe. The fare is $47 from Oakland and $91 from Los Angeles. Go to www.tickets.amtrak.com for schedules and fares. For taxi services from South Lake Tahoe to Grover Hot Springs and returning from Silver Lake, please see previous section."


When you make reservations, ask your innkeepers if they can help you with transportation back to your car.  If they don't want to drive to Grover Hot Springs, they could drop you off at Bernside Lake Road and you could hike the 9 miles back to your car.

Let us know how the hike went.

Happy hiking.

Tom Courtney



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