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Hi, I made a hike 2 years ago that took us from Inverness to Muir Beach with stops in Olema, Bolinas, and Stinson, after finding an article outlining this trip. I loved starting in Inverness where there were few/none hiking to ending in Muir Beach where we reunited with a more populated area. I went looking for the route we took to repeat the trip and can no longer find it? The article I used to plan the trip is no longer out there? I have the Walkabout Northern California but this trip is not in the book? Was wondering if anyone has the details to this hike? Thanks, Carrie

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I haven't taken the hike out of Inverness in a long time.  Maps of the area differ, but it looks like you can head up into the park from Inverness on Vision Rd. or Perth Way and reach Mt. Vision Road just inside the park.  Turn south and connect with the Inverness Ridge Trail.  This will connect you with trails that lead to the Bear Valley Visitor Center and Olema.  From Olema, you can follow the route in Walkabout Northern California: Hiking Inn-to-Inn all the way to Muir Beach.

It should be a beautiful hike.



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