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I am walking the first leg of the Malibu Walkabout (Leo Carrillo to Santa Monica) next week but I noticed that due to construction the parking lot will be closed. Does anyone have any suggestions for alternate parking?

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I don't know of any other overnight parking near Leo Carrillo State Beach.  The public transportation option is a fairly painless two-step process, a bus trip and a short taxi ride.  It is laid out in detail in the "Transportation" section at the end of the first chapter of "Walkabout Malibu to Mexico."


As it turns out the Malibu Country Inn is graciously letting us park for 2 days! We'll park, then uber to Leo Carrillo and probably use your info at the back of the book to bus and uber it back to the Inn. So excited to get started!

Hi Tom, we are seeing some big surf this week and had lots of trouble passing spots day 1 at low tide. Tomorrow we can't catch low tide at all. Is it best to stay on PCH and avoid the point at 3.1 miles as well as Latigo?
Your most difficult spot might be the south end of Dume Cove. You could hike to Point Dume and look south to see if it is passable. I'd it doesn't look good,you should be able to walk t hrough the neighborhoods. I think you should be able to get around Pt. Latigo by following The Route at the end of the chapter,but you may be force to backtrack to a stairway up to the neighborhood or the PCH. I think day 3 will be the biggest challenge. With high seas and tides, I suggest you hike along the PCH out of Malibu. Best of luck.
Thanks! We decided to do the easiest parts of day 2 & 3 using car and uber. PCH is a little scary!


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