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Marin/Pt Reyes areas affected by wild fires?

Hello again,

I'm wondering if anyone can comment on the extent to which the areas around the Marin Coast walkabout and the Point Reyes walkabout were affected by the 2017 wildfires?

Thank you!

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Fortunately, the Marin Coast and Point Reyes walkabouts were not affected by the fires.


We just did this walkabout in October (2018), and it was beautiful. We had trouble finding a place where we could leave our car for more than a night, so we adapted a little. We stayed at the Point Reyes Station Inn on the first night, and then drove to the Hostel in the morning, where we left a few meals and then drove back to the  Bear Valley Visitor Center. The ranger there gave us a permit to leave our car overnight in the camp area parking lot. We then hiked to the Hostel for the second night. On the next day, we hiked back to the Visitor Center and picked up the car and drove to Olema, where we stayed for our final night at an apartment we found on AirBnB. (It was challenging to find anywhere in the area that would let us stay for only one night.)

Even though we didn't get to avoid our car as much as we would have liked, it was a beautiful four-day trip. The hike in and out to the Hostel was filled with constantly changing scenery. There are wonderful restaurants in the area, and the Palace Market in Point Reyes has a great selection of organic produce, deli items, local cheese, wine, etc. We had to go twice to get the buffalo milk soft serve ice cream there.


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