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Planning my first walkabout and wondering if anyone has done the Mendocino trek? Am planing on leaving my car at Albion and wondered if anyone else has done this.

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The Mendocino Walkabout is one of our most popular.  It is a sweet two-day trek through forests and along one of the most beautiful coastlines in California.  Hundreds of folks have now taken this walkabout.  The first day is 8.3 miles, the second 5.8.  Along the way you will enjoy charming inns and great dining.  Check with your innkeeper in Albion about parking.  They have been very accommodating.

Have a great journey.  Please let us know how it went.


It was spectacular Tom. Just returned today. Will definately spend at least two days at each destination next time in order to enjoy each location adequately.
Just finished this walkabout and it was spectacular. Will definitely spend at least two days at each inn next time. Too disconcerting to constantly be moving each day with so much beauty at each location.


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