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Oceanside to La Jolla transportation question

We will be in Southern California for a few days in May and are considering doing this Walkabout route.  The thing is--we're going to have suitcases with us (as well as we would have our backpacks).  We want to take the train to Oceanside and not have a car.  Has anyone ever sent their luggage ahead (with a taxi driver) to a hotel to be held  until we reach he endpoint of the hike?  Ideally, we don't want to have to do extra travel in order deposit our suitcases with a bell person at a hotel.  Thanks for any feedback!

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Hi Judy, I'm not sure about giving your luggage to a taxi driver, I've never tried that or thought of it. But, one other option you could consider is to ship the luggage via Fedex or UPS. That way you can ship it from home, not have to worry about flying with it, and avoid a baggage checking fee at the airport. Your hotel may charge a fee to store the luggage for you or you could ship it to a Fedex location if there is one nearby and pick it up from there.


I have not shipped luggage ahead, but I think this is a great option.  It is commonly done on European inn-to-inn hikes.  I would talk to the taxi company, explain your plan, and see if you feel comfortable.  You might also try Uber or Lyft.  Let your destination inn know that your luggage will arrive ahead of you.  Then for peace of mind, give them a call to make sure it arrived.

Please let us know how it works out.  Others will want to follow your lead.



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