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I have the 2011 printing of Walkabout California and want to plan the walk from San Francisco to Half Moon Bay. In the nine years since the printing are there any drastic (or non-drastic) changes to the route or places to stay? We plan to go this next early fall-September/October, 2019

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Do you mean there is a new separate guide just for the SF to Half Moon Bay Walkabout specifically?

We are in the throes of planning that section for October. And eagerly looking forward to it.

Helen Bodington 


Yes, there are new guides for each of the Northern California walkabouts.  They are chapters of the new edition of "Walkabout Northern California: Hiking Inn to Inn" that was just published a few weeks ago.  You can find the guide at the "NorCal Vacations Guides" tab of the WalkaboutCalifornia.com website. 


We are a group of 5 women planning this trip in mid May.  Just received the new edition!!  We have made only one alteration from the book and that is to start the trip at the east end of Golden Gate Park.  This adds 3 miles to the trip total but allows us to enjoy walking thru the park.  Because of the added mileage, our first night is spent near the San Francisco Zoo.  Here is our itinerary:

Day 1: 

Fly into San Francisco and take Lyft to hotel.

Spend the night at Chateau Tivoli  http://www.chateautivoli.com/ or Metro Hotel https://www.metrohotelsf.com/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=orga...

Day 2: 

Breakfast near hotel. Pick up lunch supplies.

Hike through Golden Gate Park to Ocean Beach, then south on the beach to Mirage Inn & Suites 


7 miles 

Day 3 : 

Breakfast near hotel. Pick up lunch supplies.

Hike from Mirage Inn and Suites


Pacifica Beach Hotel   https://www.pacificabeachhotel.com

11.7 miles

Day 4 :

Breakfast near hotel. Pick up lunch supplies.

Hike along coast from Pacifica Beach Hotel 


Seal Cove Inn https://sealcoveinn.com

6.6 miles

Day 5:

Breakfast near hotel. Pick up lunch supplies.

Hike along coast from Seal Cove Inn


Half Moon Bay Inn  http://www.halfmoonbayinn.com

6.6 miles

Day 6:

Breakfast near hotel.

Take Lfyt to airport


Your itinerary looks wonderful.  I think you will have a fun walkabout.

Happy Hiking,



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