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Rodeo Beach or Sausalito? to Muir Beach // Ride from Olema back?

I heard that it was possible to start the hike to Muir Beach directly from the town of Sausalito, is that true?  Would anyone recommend doing that versus Rodeo Beach?  If so, where is the trail head located?

Also, can anyone recommend the best (fastest/inexpensive) mode of transportation from Olema back to Sausalito or Rodeo Beach?  

We will be taking off in April.

Thank you!

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There are a couple of ways to hike to Muir Beach from Sausalito.  You can take the Morning Sun Trail to the Alta Trail off of Spencer Avenue or take Coastal Trail from the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge.  If you need a map of the Headlands, google "GGNRA Marin Headlands map" and download a pdf version.  You will see which trails will lead you to Muir Beach.  You might want to take a taxi or rideshare to the trailheads rather than walking the streets of Sausalito.  You can go to MarinTransit.org to plan your trip back from Olema to Sausalito.  It is a good bus system.  You can hike back into the Headlands from Sausalito or Marin City or take a taxi or rideshare.  Check out the Transportation section at the end of The Marin Coast chapter for more transportation information.

Have a great Walkabout.




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