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On page 27, there is a alternative trek from San Francisco to Stinson Beach.

Where should I start at San Francisco?  At the south end of the Golden Gate Bridge?  If so, where can I park over night?

What is the distance from the trailhead of SF to the first night (Marin Headlands)?

We prefer an inn instead of a hostel for the Marin Headlands.  Any other options (i.e. Sausalito) that is nearby to the hiking trail.  We don't want to detour too much into an urban area.

Any information will be helpful!


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I did this walkabout with friends a few years ago.  We parked in the Presido, less than 1/2 mile from the south end of the bridge.  We found a spot where there were no restrictions and we could see that others would be parking over night.  The distance from the south end of the bridge to the Headlands Hostel is approximately 5 miles.

The Headlands Hostel is a cool place, and it has private rooms.  The Headlands is magical at night when there are very few people.  You would need to bring food.  There are several places to stay in Sausalito.  The most convenient for your route is Cavallo Point Lodge.  It is at the other end of the price range from the hostel.  Check out this forum discussion for ideas about hiking out of Sausalito.

Rodeo Beach or Sausalito? to Muir Beach // Ride from Olema back?

Have a great walkabout!



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