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My husband & I will be walking an adapted version of your Marin Coast route at the end of this month.  Can you tell me if these trails are still in good condition or if there are any issues with this route we should be concerned about?

Day 1: Marin Headlands to Muir Beach (7mi)

From hostel turn left on Rosenstock Rd heading E then left on Simmons Rd.  Right on Bodsworth Rd, staying to left of Visitors Center. [CAN TAKE COASTAL TRAIL TO BODSWORTH IF ACCESS TO IT FROM HOSTEL].  Left on Bunker Rd then right towards Miwok Trailhead. Stay on Miwok then left on Wolf Ridge Trail & left on Coastal Trail. Stay on Coastal Trail to Tennessee Valley. Head N on Coastal Trail & keep taking lefts at the forks. [Can go off trail to see Pirate Cove but best just to take right & continue on Coastal Trail.]  Take left into Muir Beach towards Muir Beach Trailhead, following Pacific Way NE to Pelican Inn.

Day 2: Muir Beach to Mill Valley (5mi)

From Pelican Inn, head NW on Rte 1 & go straight on Frank Valley Rd.  Redwood Creek Trailhead should appear shortly on the right. Stay on this for about 2mi until Frank Valley Rd meets up with Deer Park Fire Rd.  Turn right on Frank Valley Rd & walk along road until you see Dipsea Trailhead (shortly after passing Conlon Ave & across from Muir Woods overflow parking lot).  [OPTION HERE TO STOP @ MUIR WOODS VISITOR CENTER & GET ADVICE ON TRAILS]. Turn right on the trail heading NE. Stay on Dipsea until Panoramic Hwy, turning right on Hwy then quick left on Bayview Dr/Dipsea Trail.  Stay on this then turn right on Edgewood to AirBnB.

Day 3: Explore Mill Valley or Muir Woods

2nd night at AirBnB in Mill Valley

Day 4:  Mill Valley to Stinson Beach (9.5mi)

Take same route back to Muir Woods Overflow Pkg Lot & continue SW on Dipsea Trail.  Stay on Dipsea until end of trailhead in Stinson. Turn left on Arenal Ave then left on Marina Way. Sandpiper Inn will be on the left.

Day 5:  Stinson Beach to Bolinas (14mi OR 12.3mi)

From Sandpiper Inn turn left on Arenal Ave then right on Calle de Mar. Left on Buena Vista, left on Lincoln Ave, left on Belvedere, right on Avenida Farrolone.  Straight on Willow Camp Fire Rd (N). Take Willow Camp Trail to Coastal Trail. Turn left on Coastal Trail to Bolinas Fairfax Rd. Walk west on Bolinas Fairfax for 0.1mi.

Alternative 1 [6.3mi]:  Cross Bolinas Fairfax Rd & hike Bolinas Ridge Trail.  Continue 3.5mi then left on McCurdy Trail. Take McCurdy 1.7mi to Hwy 1. Head S on Hwy then right on Olema Bolinas Rd, staying on this road into town.  11 Wharf B&B is on the left.

Alternative 2 [4.6mi]: Follow Fairfax Bolinas Rd all the way to Hwy 1.  Cross Hwy & left on Olema Bolinas, staying on this road into town.  11 Wharf B&B is on the left.

Day 6:  Bolinas to Olema (14.8mi)

From 11 Wharf turn right on Olema Bolinas, left on Mesa Rd & continue until Ridge Trail

Follow Ridge Trail (might turn into Lake Ranch Trail) then right on Bolema Trail.  Heading E on Bolema then left on Olema Valley Trail. Continue left at the fork on Olema Valley Trail & circle around then turn right on Olema Valley Trail. Turn left on Rift Zone Trail & continue N about 3.5mi until reaching a road taking you right into Olema.  It will be an unnamed road (left takes you to Vedanta Retreat, straight continues on Rift trail, right takes you to Olema). Turn left on Shoreline Hwy 1 then right on Sir Francis Drake Blvd to Olema Cottages.

Day 6: Rest or explore Pt. Reyes Station (take bus)

2nd night at Olema Cottages

Day 7: Lyft or Uber back to airport


Clare from Louisiana

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It looks like you are going to have a wonderful walkabout adventure.  Your planning looks great.  Here are a couple of small suggestions.  On day one, when you pass the Headlands Visitor Center, you may want to stop in briefly.  It has some interesting exhibits, and you can pick up a brochure on the Headlands with a nice map if you don't already have one.  On day two, you plan to hike  on Frank Valley Rd and turn up the Dipsea Trail.  The trail may not be clearly marked.  As you indicate, it is right across from the Muir Woods overflow parking lot. Across the road from the parking lot, you will see kind of park corp yard.  The trail takes off from the back of the corp yard parking lot.  You might want to visit Muir Woods.  It is always amazing.  On Day 5, Alternative One, if you take the McCurdy Trail, I recommend you walk south on the shoulder of Hwy 1 for 0.6 mile and turn right on Horseshoe Hill Rd.  It is a nice country road and will take you to the Olema Bolinas Rd.  This way you spend a bit less time walking the highway.

Otherwise, no suggestions, except to have a great time.

If you feel inspired when you return, please share your experience with the Walkabout Community on this forum

Happy Hiking,

Tom Courtney


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