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My husband and I are considering a walk from Oceanside to Newport Beach and then by ferry to Catalina Island this May. Would it be difficult to translate the walking directions that are written from north to south to go in the opposite direction? It looks as if we would have to bypass Camp Pendleton. Where would you recommend we access the beach to start out walk? 

Thank you very much!

Mary Ann

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Mary Ann,

You have a beautiful Walkabout planned.  The route is not too tricky.  I think it should be pretty easy to follow from the book, Walkabout Malibu to Mexico: Hiking Inn to Inn on the Southern California Coast,  or the guides.  I suggest you start your journey at Las Pulgas Rd. across from the northern entrance to Camp Pendelton.  Take a brief walk north along the frontage road and parking lot.  Then descend to the beach for an 8.9 mile trek on a beautiful shoreline that you will have mostly to yourselves until you reach the Tresles and the surfing beaches just south of San Clemente.  May should be a great time for this adventure.

If you have the time, please share your experience on the Forum for the rest of the Walkabout California Community.

Happy hiking,

Tom Courtney

Thank you very much, Tom. I will definitely share our experience if we are able to make the trip!


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