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Exploring Lassen Volcanic National Park

Along the Pacific Rim’s Ring of Fire, the Cascade Mountains reach as far north as Mt. Garibaldi in British Columbia. This range of massive volcanoes stretches south through Washington, Oregon and Northern California. At its southern tip lies Lassen Peak, resting from its most recent eruption in 1917. Surrounding the mountain is Lassen Volcanic National Park, a wild and exotic Northern California treasure.

There are two walkabouts through this enchanted land. The first, a two day 22.2 mile hike, requires two cars. It explores the park from its northeast to southwest corners. Starting in a land of lava beds and painted cinder dunes, you hike south to a lush hot springs valley. The trail on the second hiking day explores mountain lakes and streams, deep glaciated canyons, and otherworldly hydrothermal landscapes.

The second walkabout is a 19.4 mile loop that starts high at Summit Lake and requires only
one car. It explores the central park, a mountainous land of forests, lakes, and streams. Each trek offers a spectacular waterfall, swims in mountain lakes, and windows into the earth’s fiery interior.
Both walkabouts stop over at Drakesbad Guest Ranch, selected by Frommer’s editorial staff as one
of its worldwide “Top Destinations for 2009” and the only lodging in or near the park. Stay a few days
and enjoy soaking in the hot springs. Explore the verdant Warner Valley and surrounding landscape of
boiling lakes and steaming fumaroles. Relax with fine dining and perhaps a therapeutic massage.


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“Like gigantic geysers spouting molten rock instead of water, volcanoes work and rest, and we have no sure means of knowing whether they are dead when still, or only sleeping.”
- John Muir

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