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Hiking Inn to Inn

I'd like to do a bit more ambitions trip about 200 miles staying at inns each night.
Has anyone experience with this length of trip? Will I be on the 1 most of the time?


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My wife and I will be walking a 135 mi trip along the coast next June. We will be leaving from Huntington Beach with Santa Barbara as our destination point. We will be staying at hotels, both small and large along the way. We planned the route for this trip by using Google maps. Each day's walk will average between 10-15 miles. There will be 10 days of walking over a 13 day period. We will be staying an extra day at several of our stops. Our overnight stops will be in Long Beach, San Pedro, Palos Verdes, Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica, Malibu, Oxnard, Mussel Shoals and then Santa Barbara. Some of the walk will be on Hwy 1, but a significant portion will be on hard scaped/asphalt walking paths and bike paths.
Steve, did you do this trip? How was it?

Not yet.  We start on 6/09.  We will walk 10 days over a 13 day period (walk 3, rest 1; walk 3, rest 1; walk 3, rest 1; walk one and arrive in Santa Barbara.

hi steve i would love details on your coast trip. we live in socal and i really want to do this so if you'd share i would to follow your example.

As indicated above we will be leaving on 6/09.  I planned the trip using Google Maps.  I have a route planned for each day.  Dont what the best way of sharing that would be.  Do you have any suggestions.  Will probably create a daily blog of some type for sharing.  Would be happy to supply you any info that you would like.


We'd love to hear about your trip. It is possible to make and save a google map route. If you did this for your trip, can you share the route with all of us? And, of course, if you blogged about your trip and/or posted pics, I'd love to check them out. I hope you and your wife had a great adventure!

Walkabout author Tom and his wife Heidi have also been hiking long stretches of the SoCal Coast. They share details on the Southern California Walkabouts forum. It would be fun to compare notes and share ideas.



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