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Hiking Inn to Inn

In May and June of last year (2007) we completed the Via Claudia Augusta Roman route hike. It was everything we hoped for and more. We traveled a total of 502 miles. The trip started in Altino, Italy (close to Venice) and ended in Donauwoerth, Germany (north of Augsburg). Took 47 days, averaging about 11 miles per day. Three days we did not hike due to injuries of just relaxing. We followed the Via Claudia Augusta Bikeline detailed maps all the way and almost never got lost. The weather was good; rained only 4 days and of that time only one day all day. Temperatures ranged from 40-90 degrees F. The early mornings were the most enjoyable. After a hugh breakfast we generally were on the road before 8AM. Stopping for a long lunch break, we would continue on until the temps got too hot. The trip took us through three countries, Italy, Austria and Germany. We asked directions many times and could not have been successful without Gerlinde's Italian and German language capability.

We had a new adventure each day as 80% of the area traveled we had not seen before. Very small towns and lots of farm area which is generally not seen in detail when traveling by car or even bike. The VCA maps take you through just a few of the larger cities and generally follow rivers valleys. We traveled asphalt most of Italy as the bike trails there are not as well established as they are in Austria and Germany. We saw many day bikers, a few cross country bikers and only two two cross country hikers, one traveling with a donkey. We visited several museums and stopped at many travel information spots. To our knowledge no one else has ever done this trip using the Via Claudia Augusta mapped routes on foot.

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This sounds like an incredible journey. Thank you for sharing, Michael. Does anyone else have stories or suggestions about hiking from inn to inn in Europe?


Thanks for sharing your trip. What an amazing adventure.

Did you stay at inns along the way, or were you camping?

I will add this to my list of great hikes I plan to do.

Tom Courtney

Thanks for your message!

We stayed at Inns/B&B/hotels etc. Primarily to minimize the backpack weight. We managed to get that to 15 pounds each and included all necessities. In addition to the CA hike, we will do similar in Ireland in Sept.
Very cool! Never knew of this before, but would love to do it!
Sounds excellent. I'd also suggest the various routes to Santiago de Copostella. There is a 150 trek from Porto, Portugal and a 500 mile walk ( which can be joined at any point along the way) across northern Spain. Pilgrims inns, pensions and hotels can be found along the way from 5E to 35E.



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