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My husband and I just took a honeymoon walk from Inverness to Olema to Bolinas hiking 40 miles in Point Reyes in three days. And we could have hiked for hundreds of miles with ever increasing appreciation for Point Reyes. It is a hiker's paradise. Our favorite day hike has long been up the Coast Trail from the Palomarin trail head to Almere Falls, which I've heard is one of only two places on the US Pacific Coast where a waterfall flows directly into the ocean. It's a beautiful journey with a rewarding destination.

This trip, however, I found a new favorite trail, the Sky Trail to the Woodward Valley Trail from Mount Wittenberg. The trail has stunning views of Drake's Bay and the mountains of Point Reyes. I recommend the round trip from the Bear Valley trail head over Mt. Wittenberg, down the Sky to the Woodward Valley trail and back along the coast to the Bear Valley Trail, also one of my favorites. Make sure to stop at Kelham Beach on your way.

Please share recommendations of your favorite trails. Thanks! Happy hiking.


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Hi Emily,

The hike to Alamere Falls is my favorite too. So spectacular to see a waterfall go into the ocean and being on that beach makes you feel so far away from the rest of the world. I can't wait to check out the other hikes you mentioned :)


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