A friend and I are planning to get our feet wet, so to speak with a two day hike from Moss Landing to Monterey Bay.  I've checked the tide tables and it looks like we willl have favorable conditions to hike mostly on the beaches.  We are doing this hike next week and from the information in the book I would gather that crossing the river in late May would normally not be an issue but since this has been such a big water year for California I thought I should double check.  Would appreciate if anyone has first hand knowledge or could point us in the right direction for asking that question.

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  • Elaine,

    I think you are in for a wonderful spring walkabout on Monterey Bay.  I don't have current information on the flow of the Salinas River.  It is usually safe to cross in May, especially at low tide,  but this year's heavy rains may make it difficult.  Please play it safe.  If the river is too high, there are directions for an alternate route on page 121.  You might want to check it out before you start by going to the Salinas River State Beach parking lot and walking to the mouth of river.  Have a great hike.

    Tom Courtney

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