Marin Headlands Hostel closed

Hello everyone,

I have a quick question, it seems like the Marin Headlands Hostel is closed.

Does anyone have an alternative where to sleep the first night during the “Alternate Trek: An Inexpensive Option”?

Thank you,


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  • Theo,

    You are right, the Park Service closed the Marin Headlands Hostel.  It was the only public lodging in the park, and it had been around since 1978 serving over 20,000 overnights a year for an average cost of $39.  This is a tragic loss.  There are no other near by  low cost accommodations.  There is lodging at Fort Point or Sausalito.   Unfortunately, the second stop on the "Alternate Trek: An Inexpensive Option," the Green Gulch Zen Farm at Muir Beach is also closed due to the pandemic, but the Pelican Inn has reopened.  The Marin Coast Walkabout is is a great multi-day  hike from inn-to-inn.  It is sad that the inexpensive option, starting with lodging in the Headlands is no longer available.

    Tom Courtney

    • Thank you for your reply. It's a pit indeed. 

      I think I'll go to the Pelican Inn.

      Best regards,


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