Marin headlands to Bolinas in March

Hi there,

I’m new to inn to inn hiking and am anxious to get out there. There’s also the fact that I need a bit of a soul searching solo journey. I understand that the recommended time to go is late spring or early fall, but I’ve lived in Northern California for 10 years and recognize there are so many other beautiful times of year as well. Am I crazy to consider a March Marin headlands trip (using your 4-day itinerary)? What things should I be thinking about before I go because it’s “out of season”?

Very much appreciate anyone’s thoughts or suggestions!

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  • Valerie, just saw your posting on Walkabout California asking about the Bolinas hike. My husband and I walked that route in 2018 so I was just curious what you thought about it and what it was like in March. If you haven't walked it yet, maybe our blog posts will inspire you. We loved it and much prefer walking in cooler weather! 

  • Valerie,

    Yes, late spring and early fall are usually ideal times for coastal walkabouts in Northern California.  You have the best chance of avoiding rain and fog, but you are right, any time of the year can be wonderful.  The wildflowers might be great on a March trek. Just pay attention to the weather forecasts and take your rain gear.  I wish you good weather, although I hope we get some rain in Feb. and March.

    Happy Hiking

    Tom Courtney

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