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I have the 2011 printing of Walkabout California and want to plan the walk from San Francisco to Half Moon Bay. In the nine years since the printing are there any drastic (or non-drastic) changes to the route or places to stay? We plan to go this next early fall-September/October, 2019

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great question.....since I'm planning to walk early April - about a month from now.

Have you done these walks before? That first section is too far for us so are considering starting at some place near the Environment center after the beach 

this is all new for me -- I've not been on the route previously and am planning to do the entire days' walk as outlined


We corresponded in late February so I gather you're on your Walkabout now. We three senior citizens are doing it in a month or so. Would love to hear your report on how it went. 


Helen and friends, Tom, 

Last week I did this route and had the most fabulous walking adventure.....thank you so much for your efforts in compiling this walkabout. I'm super psyched to continue all the way to San Diego, sooner......than later. :)

I arrived on a crystal clear San Francisco day (stayed the first night at Seal Rock Inn) and right across the street is the magnificent Golden Gate National Park Conservancy. I easily and happily explored about 5 miles of the park that afternoon and evening.

Each day of the hike was a delight and surprise. I had one morning of a bit of rain and hunkered under a shopping center awning until it stopped (I admit to being a fair weather hiker.) I saw wildflowers agogo, birds, hummingbirds, sea lions, a fabulous rainbow, and two humpback whales at the beach before turning to walk to the hostel. 

Walking while the rest of the world zooms by, now, that's my cup of tea.


Hi Colleen,

I am 1 of 5 women doing this hike in May.  Wondering what kind of footwear you recommend for this trip?


you are walking on beach, hiking trails, paved multi-use trails and sidewalks.....I chose to walk in Astrals and loved them; High performance outdoor shoes that meet your water and trail adventures.

It's such a personal choice however.

Instead of starting the walk at the Cliff House, you can start across the highway from the San Francisco Zoo. This knocks off about 3 miles. From downtown San Francisco you can the the 'L' street car, which ends at the Zoo. Go use the bathrooms at the Zoo, if needed, cross the highway, walk down the sand slope and you are at the beach.

Helen and Colleen,

There have been lots of changes in the eight years since the 2011 edition of Walkabout Northern California: Hiking Inn to Inn.   Fortunately, a new 2019 edition has just been released!  There is also a new guide for the San Francisco to Half Moon Bay Walkabout.  There are new restaurants and inns and old ones have changed hands or closed.  The trails leaving Pacifica and Montara have changed in small ways.  The most important item that I didn't emphasize enough in the first edition is that the approach to Mussel Rock beach can be blocked by high tides.  This comes at the end of Ocean Beach as you approach Pacifica.  Plan to arrive at this section at least a few hours before or after high tide.  

The inn-to-inn hike from San Francisco to Half Moon Bay is beautiful and extraordinarily wild for being so close to urban centers. Enjoy your walkabout.


Thank you so much, Tom. I'll get the new book. 


Very excited about this walk. Question: I bought the digital San Fran to Half Moon Bay late dec 2018 and can't find an edition year, but assume this relates to the 2011 edition? Please confirm the updated digital version is what I want.


You just missed the new version.  I'll send it to you.



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