Uncongested Southern California

Brand new to this site AND just bought Walkabout Northern California.

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!  Literally reconsidering my whole retirement strategy.

Two questions:

1) I live in Los Angeles and am wonder if any of the hikes recommended are secluded.  Can't imagine the coastal ones would be.  But are there any within a couple hours of LA that offer more of the NoCal experience?

2) Are there any sites you can recommend beyond California?  East Coast? Europe? 

Thank you!


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  • Pete,

    Thanks for your kind words.  So far, our only exploration of Southern California Walkabouts has been along the coast.  I was also concerned about crowds when we started hiking the coast, but I was thrilled to find miles of secluded coastline that we had all to ourselves.  We were only joined by dolphins, migrating whales, seals, sea lions, and shore birds.  Yes, urbania lurks nearby, but you are cut off from it by cliffs or sand dunes, and the wild and untamed Pacific fills your senses.  We discovered this quickly on our first hike along the Malibu Coast from Leo Carrillo St. Beach to Zuma Co. Beach - amazing scenery and wildlife with few other people.  On the Newport Beach to San Clemente Walkabout, the section from Corona del Mar St. Beach to Crystal Cove is wild and rugged.  On the first ten miles of the San Clemente to Oceanside Walkabout, you'll see surfers, then have miles of beach to yourself. (It looks like they are no longer allowing people to hike through Camp Pendleton, so hikers now need to order a ride share to take them to Oceanside.)  You will see very few other people hiking miles of Torrey Pines St. Beach on the Oceanside to La Jolla Walkabout.  There are so many more.

    Isn't this why millions moved to Southern California, to enjoy this incredible coastline? And is there a better way to savor it than a slow journey on foot?

    Scroll through the blogs on our website to find other hikes from inn-to-inn in Europe - hiking the Julian Alps from hut-to-hut, hiking Tuscany from hill town to hill town, etc.  Also check out the Forum for other ideas from the Walkabout California Community about hiking from inn-to-inn around the world.

    Yes, I recommend you abandon your retirement plans and devote your life to hiking from inn-to-inn.


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