Walking across California (the GCT)

Ever wanted to traverse our wonderful state? We now have a 356-mile route from Waddell Beach north of Santa Cruz to Kings Beach at the north shore of Tahoe, utilizing existing public trails and ways...incredible diversity and beauty. Doing it without camping requires some long car shuttles in the mountains, but it's worth it, as there are lovely places to stay all along the way! Book with maps/details to be released later this year.

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  • I'm happy to provide details to interested hikers.
    • Mary,

      We are very interested in your hiking route traversing Northern California.  It sounds great, and we would appreciate any details you can provide.


      Tom Courtney


      • I haven't heard anything back from Mary, who posted on July 1, 2009 that she could provide details on walking across Northern California. I would love to know what route she took... Hope to hear from her...

        Mary Lynch

    • Hi Mary, I'm very interested to traverse Northern California. I have Walkabout Northern California... in fact I was at the very first book launch and Tom autographed it. I think there are several chapters in it that describe some of the trails. Can you let me know how I would get info about traversing CA and which trails to use. We want to stay in B&B's/lodges and not try to camp...


      Mary Lynch

      510 872 0770

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