Crossing the Sierra on the Emigrant Trail

This is a challenging 41.6 mile hike that crosses the Sierra Nevada from east to west. It passes through some of the most breathtaking parts of these majestic mountains, traveling along the trail of the pony express and in the footsteps of adventurers who once sought fortune in the gold rush of the mid-1800s.

10474459465?profile=originalThere are three days of hiking, each ending at a beautiful mountain resort. Take an extra rest day or two, and enjoy the good food, peaceful settings and a relaxing sauna. The hike crosses Carson Pass and West Pass. The longest day is nineteen miles. The trek is perhaps made easier knowing that earlier travelers on this route were hauling all their worldly possessions over the passes by wagon. Walk back into history and across the Sierra Nevada Mountains.



“You can’t see anything from a car, you have got to get out of the god-damned contraption and walk…”
-Edward Abbey

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