San Clemente to Oceanside

This one day, 23.8 mile “bridge hike” connects two multi-day walkabouts. There are no inns or restaurants, but the inn-to-inn hiker is rewarded with the longest stretch of accessible uninterrupted, undeveloped shoreline for over 200 miles. Hike miles of plateau between coastal mountains and the sea. Walk through Camp Pendleton where you will experience an active Marine Corps base at two miles an hour. This is a challenging hike. Be sure to bring your driver’s license. They will check it as you enter Camp Pendleton. Visit the Walkabout Shop page to purchase a guide to hiking from San Clemente to Oceanside.



“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”
- Margaret Atwood, Bluebeard’s Egg

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  • Camp Pendleton has been inconsistent on letting hikers through.  We have been trying to warn people that they may need to call a cab or rideshare.  That is terrible that they treated you so rudely.

  • Attempted this leg last Saturday and was denied entry into Camp Pendleton as they noted no walkers or runner are allowed on the bike trail.  Only bikers are allow through.  We had to turn back around and walk back the 10 miles to San Clemente. We were told prior that they might be changing the rules soon and apparently we didn't make that cut and they must have rules to view anyone on foot as a threat as they pulled out guns and was very intense about our presence.  

  • Susan,

    Yes, it is possible to walk the first part of this hike and then call a taxi.  There are no towns between San Clemente and Oceanside.  Highway 5 connects them.  There is a frontage road (old Highway 1) that parallels Hwy. 5 for the northern half.  There are two off ramps where you could arrange for a taxi pick up, the San Onofre State Beach exit (~4 miles south of San Clemente) and Las Pulgas Rd. exit (~13 hiking  miles south of San Clemente.  Both junctions are easily accessible from the trial.  It might be a good idea to check with the taxi company before you leave to see that they will pick you up.  I have not checked cell phone coverage at these exits, but you should be able to make a call for a taxi from either of them.  The northern section of this long walkabout is spectacular.

    Tom Courtney

  • Is there a possibility of catching a taxi  halfway if I don't want to walk the entire way? Is there access to the highway?

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