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Here are resources I have used to plan my trips and information about inn to inn travel around the world. Please share the resources you use for inn to inn hiking with the Walkabout community by adding to this discussion. Park & Trail Guides Hiking the California Coastal Trail, Volumes 1 and 2 - Bob Lorentzen and Richard Nichols The California Legislature established the California Coastal Trail in 2001. It runs from Oregon to Mexico, 1,200 miles in total with approximately 750 miles on trails and beaches, 250 miles on back roads, and 200 miles on highway shoulders. This is a wonderful guide for backpackers and day trippers. Headlands: The Marin Coast at the Golden Gate - Miles DeCoster, Mark Klett, Mike Mandel, Paul Metcalf, Larry Sultan Tamalpais Trails - Barry Spits Opening the Mountain: Circumambulating Mount Tamalpais, A Ritual Walk - Matthew Davis and Michail Farrel Scott Lassen Volcanic National Park: A Complete Hiker’s Guide - Mike White Footprints in Time: A History of Lassen Volcanic National Park - Douglas H. Strong Gold Rush Trail: A Guide to the Carson River Route of the Emigrant Trail - Frank Tortorich, Jr. Hiking the Gold Rush Trail: A Hiking Guide Over West Pass - Frank Tortorich, Jr. California History The Ohlone Way: Indian Life in the San Francisco – Monterey Bay Area - Malcolm Margolin A masterpiece on life in the extended Bay Area before Europeans. Monterey in 1786: Life in a California Mission - Jean Francois De La Perouse Three French ships, lead by La Perouse, set out on a scientific voyage around the world. This is his account of their visit to Spain’s most remote New World outpost. The Age of Gold - H.W. Brands The dramatic story of the California gold rush. A Short History of San Francisco - Tom Cole Indians of Lassen - Paul E. Schulz The Anza Trail and The Settling of California - Vladimir Guerrero The account of two expeditions in 1774 and 1775-1776 through Spain’s unexplored frontier, from Mexico to Monterey. Bolinas and Stinson Beach - Phil Frank, Kendrick Rand and Tamae Agnoli The Pomo Indians of California and Their Neighbors - Vinson Brown and Douglas Andrews Mendocino – From the Beginning - Wilma and Don Tucker Website Resources on Inn to Inn Hiking Hiking from Inn to Inn in Vermont Inn to Inn Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park New England Guided hiking holidays Footpaths of the World has a resource guide for inn-to-inn travel The Ice Age Parks & Trails foundation offers a list of inns along the Ice Age trail in Wisconsin Guided trips along the Rogue River in Oregon are offered by Rogue Wilderness Adventures and the White Water Warehouse. Lodging info for planning your own trip is available at the Rogue River Country site. Learn about walking vacations in England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland Other Guides to Hiking Inn to Inn Inn to Inn Walking Guide to Virginia and West Virginia - Su Clauson-Wicker Books on Walking Walking: A Little Book of Wisdom - Henry David Thoreau The Long Road Turns to Joy: A Guide to Walking Meditation - Thich Nhat Hanh Peace activist and Zen monk, Thich Nhat Hanh writes on mindful walking on the earth. The Complete Walker IV - Colin Fletcher and Chip Rowlins An 850 page tome by the cranky patriarch of California hiking. A thorough guide intended for backpackers with lots of information on equipment and hiking strategies. Inspirational writing on hiking. Wanderlust: A History of Walking - Rebecca Solnit We have walked for thousands of millennium. It is only recently that the wealthy took to riding horses, carriages, and now motorized vehicles. Solnit traces our bipedal history and its impact on the human psyche. Nature and Outdoor Writing My First Summer in the Sierra - John Muir Anything by John Muir is still worth reading. The fresh account of a young man’s ecstatic adventure, hiking from California’s Central Valley to Yosemite. A Thousand Mile Walk to the Gulf - John Muir Muir’s account of his hike from Wisconsin to Florida with a visit to Cuba. In 1867, shortly after the Civil War, he headed south collecting exotic flora and adventures. The Mountains of California - John Muir A dense and poetic description of the Sierra and Cascades by a scientist, an adventurer, a romantic, and an ecstatic. Travels in Alaska - John Muir Muir’s trips to the Alaskan frontier from 1879 to 1890. Canoeing with Native Alaskans through iceberg filled bays, traipsing over vast glaciers, and writing the first accounts of this extraordinary, unexplored wilderness. Mountains and Rivers Without End - Gary Snyder I hope you find these resources on inn to inn hiking helpful. Please share your resources to help promote low-impact walking vacations - good for the soul, good for the earth.

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  • This looks like a fun trip through the Picos mountains in Spain:

    • See below for links, books, and long distance trails. I have been looking for a website like this one for organizing information about inn to inn hiking that does not involve a tour company. Some of the links below deal with hut to hut (i.e., bunk room) and tenting.

      - http:/// The Ramblers, formerly known as the Ramblers' Association, is the largest walkers' rights organisation in Great Britain which aims to look after the interests of walkers (or ramblers).
      - European Ramblers Association, started in Germany, now an association of over 50 organizations.
      - Wikipidea entry describing GR routes across Europe. Read for more info and other links. These routes are long, but not as long as the European walking routes (E routes).
      - Description of the 11 extremely long distance European walking routes (E routes).
      - Appalachian Mountain Club. In New England, there are a series of 8 huts. FYI, huts in Europe are way nicer. I like the AMC huts, but they are more crowded, bunks are common, sometimes 3 or 4 high, always full in the summer, wool blankets instead of nice comforters, etc.
      - Books. For inn to inn, check out books on Switzerland (Kev Reynolds) and UK.
      - Books oriented towards hiking. Many good books on UK and other locations.
      - Long Distance Walking Association. Mostly about UK, but not limited to UK. UK is the easiest place
      - Requires membership. Gives you unlimited access to a huge database of trails. My brother really likes it, I have been disappointed, but I expect if I used it more, I would like it.
      - Great for checking out hotels.
      - After you get map of your location, type in lodging into search.
      - Great for plane reservations, searches multiple travel websites, including expedia, travelocity, airline websites, and you can set parameters such as cost, length of flight, arrival time, etc.
      - Similar to sidestep.
      - Tip: Use -tour to reduce hits from private companies
      - Vermont trips. Tour company, but included here because the site lists all the inns used.
      - Books in German on many of the European long distance paths.
      - Journals from Long Distance Hikers
      - Appalachian Trail enthusiasts
      - SummitPost is a collaborative content community focused on climbing, mountaineering, hiking and other outdoor activities. All of the site's content is created and maintained by its members

      Long Distance Trails (hut = shared accomodation, inn = private room)

      = Appalachian Trail in New England Hut to hut
      - Swiss Alps - Jungfrau region Easier hiking, better comfort, greater flexibilty, inns (also called mountain lodges)
      - Alps - outside of Jungfrau region, lots of huts. Mostly hut to hut
      - Camino De Santiago Camino de Santiago - large network of pilgrimage trails that spans Europe, Asia, and Africa. Some trails are more well developed than others.
      = Appalachian Trail Mostly tenting, except New Englqand
      - Pacific Coast Trail Mostly tenting.
      - Continental Divide Trail Tenting.
      - California See this website.
      - UK See UK is the country most devoted to inn to inn hiking.

      - UK trailwalkers handbook (through, amazon, or barnes and noble)
      - Hiking from Inn to Inn: Wilderness Walking Tours With Comfortable Overnight Lodging from - Maine to Virginia


  • I hope you can eat to this list a great book which lays out walking itineraries in Tuscany and Umbria, Italy, with suggestions on accomodations and eating: Walking and Eating in Tuscany and Umbria, by James Lasdun and Pia Davis. We relied on it for a great 6 days walking trip across Tuscany in October, 2008. Andy Cohn
  • Hi everyone.

    Try here for walking holidays in Cornwall, England. This beatiful section of coastline forms part of England's Southwest coastpath; 650 miles of great coastal scenery.
  • Auswalk is an Australian company run by husband and wife team Monica and Phil Coleman. They offer guided and self-guided inn-to-inn hiking tours throughout Australia.
  • There is a Lonely Planet forum on inn to inn hiking vacations that includes great suggestions for hiking inn to inn in Europe.
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